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I was going to title this post “lifetime awards” but my life is an existence in progress.

I don’t know how many books I’ve read or even fantasy novels.  I just know I’ve read a lot.

Best series ever:

The Prince of Nothing/Aspect Emperor series.  Plenty of in-depth reviews are available online so I won’t repeat them. I’ll just say this series has EVERYTHING a reader could dream of and executes all the individual elements at a higher level found in any other series.

The theories/metaphysics and descriptions of magic are without equal.  The central character, Kellhus, is the most interesting character ever conceived. The world building is excellent.  The individual races and philosophies are masterful creations.  Intrigue, political and other, is tantalizing and believable.  The exploration of the murky determinants of our beliefs and behaviors are authentic and fascinating , although somewhat depressing.

Don’t kick yourself in the ass for all eternity when you could read this series while you’re alive.  Choosing another series over this one is the reading equivalent of being offered the opportunity to sleep with Megan Fox and choosing the Octomom instead.


My latest Twitfic submission got rejected, rightly so. What I can’t decide is whether I failed to convey the story meaning or twitter’s 140 chars prevents the meaning from being clear.

Here’s the tweet:

Dead faces glimmered in the blend. The insane vintner removed glass shards from the wine. My family restored, find the killer, he thought.

Here are the editor’s comments:

The story in this is a bit unclear for me. Even granting that the protagonist is insane, not quite sure whether he killed his family, if he just happened to break a glass, etc–the three sentences aren’t coming together to create a cohesive story–my apologies.

Here’s what I intended to convey:

The vintner drops a bottle of wine when he learns his family has been murdered.  His insanity is demonstrated by seeing the faces of his family in the puddle of wine. He picks the bottle shards out of the wine because they distort the images of his family.  After his family is “restored”,  he wants to find the killer.

Poor writing or too much for a 140 character story?